about i-learn

It is one of the online learning platform that will teach you a specific modules for a free. You only need to register with us to view our courses and our lessons. You can also test your knowledge with our quizzes. We have more than 100 active registered students and we invite you to be one of our community.

Our vision

LearnMe is a free online learning website. The aim from this website is providing to you a suitable course with a simple explanation. You only need to register to view the contents of the lessons. In addition, after each lesson, we provide to you some quizzes to evaluate yourself. In case, you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact with us.

Our goals

Learn Me is a free online course that is focusing on learning. After registration in LearnMe, you will be able to view courses, lessons, and take quizzes. While in some cases, you will be required to do assignments. You can earn points while you are doing quizzes and assignments. In sign up, we will request to provide some basic information about you and we will ask you to fill in a personality test. All of this information are kept safe and secure. And, you can check our privacy guaranteed in our privacy page. In addition, as a requirement to start our courses, you will be asked to conduct a simple quiz. This quiz is really important for you and us to know your perior experience and how you will improve your knowledge after finishing the course. This website is built as a part of our Phd experiments and we asked you if you can complete the course. However, you are able to drop off the course in any time you want.

our mission

We are trying to provide a save and secure platform to lest you learn Microsoft Excel in an effecient way.